Monday, October 20, 2008

Sound thinking about economics

The lower-class leftie idiots who don't agree with my policies accuse me of neglecting economic diversity.

Of course, this is a terrible slur. Under my inspiring leadership, our mighty financial services industry is always coming up with new, ever-more-cunning “solutions” and “products” to increase the diversity of the economic help that we can offer to the world's rich.

Admittedly, I don't bother much with old-fashioned industries like farming and tourism, that attract uncouth foreigners to work in them anyway. Besides, these sunset industries are just wealth generation. The real easy money is in wealth capture, like international financial services. Who wants to be a mere fisherman, when they can be a pirate?

Another sound piece of economic thinking that the oiks do not appreciate is my support for outside business over locally owned business. We have had a terrible situation, where tradesmen can carry on as if they were the equals of the landed gentry, through succeeding at mere commerce. However, by pursuing my enlightened strategy of replacing local firms with outside ones, wherever possible, these jumped-up nobodies will be brought back down where they belong, and we can get back to ruling without hindrance.
The great thing about financial services is that they produce an endless supply of virtual money, so that it no longer matters if all the real money is being siphoned off by outsiders.

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