Monday, October 20, 2008


Hello everybody. I am Phlo Ozo, the famous international statesman. Even David Cameron has a website these days, so I thought I would have one too. Actually, Cameron's is a bit embarrassing sometimes, so I shall get my friend Glenn to give me some professional help. (People are always saying I should get some professional help!)

I have just been re-elected with over eight thousand votes by my adoring public. There are some negative cynics out there, who try to make a big deal out of two-thirds of the voters wanting somebody else. However, really this just shows how well our electoral system works. You see, we have managed to almost abolish party politics, where I come from. So, all the oiks and plebs scatter their votes around the greens and lefties and other riff-raff, while the natural ruling class unite behind their leaders and we just rise above them. Perfect democracy in action, with none of this nonsense about having to worry about the little folk, that so much of the Western world has trouble with.

Anyway, now I have a blog of my own, I can tell all the world about my proven track record, and show off the soundness of my thinking about how to carry on as before.

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