Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting Times

Well, well, well. What an exciting few weeks!

I had to exercise all my skills when one of my ministers got himself into trouble. He is a lovely chap, always willing to find his friends a great deal on a used car with incredibly low mileage. He is also one to pull a few strings for his friends. That got him in trouble when some uppity judicial type said he shouldn't have put in a good word for his mate. I had to talk him into quitting to keep a lid on things in the end. I think I have promised him enough to keep his mouth shut. There will be trouble if he doesn't.

I have got rid of the leaker at last. He tried the old stunt of getting re-elected to his own seat. Instead the voters chose a man of the world, who understands how things are done. The new chap talks a bit lefty; progressive taxation and that kind of nonsense. However we can trust him to do the right thing when it comes to the crunch. Progress indeed.

Last week I had a smashing win-win situation. The champagne socialist tried calling a no-confidence vote on Grandpa Munster, my front man. Of course he had a fat chance of winning it. Instead Grandpa Munster got such a huge vote of confidence that he will be able to stay until I am ready to get rid of him. Even if the vote had gone wrong somehow, it would just have given me an opportunity to step into the breach myself. Great stuff.

I have got my tax consultation out now. One way or another I am going to screw the hoi-polloi. Letting them think they can choose how means I can tell them it is all their own fault when they whinge.

Anyway I have to keep up with my in-depth studies of luxury tourism, so I have not got time to be blogging all day. I am off to the Far East for a junket.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent satire - love it!