Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teamwork! That's the thing

A bit of teamwork and string-pulling can achieve wonderful results. We are going to have a by-election. That gives us a chance to get rid of that pest. The one who has been leaking all sorts of stuff he had a duty to his government to keep quiet about. The fool is fighting for re-election to his own seat. We shall see about that.

There is a very promising candidate, used to dealing with low-lives and sorting their troubles out, but one of us at heart. He can charm the hoi-polloi with his track record. He knows what they are really like, however. So he will not be doing that bleeding-heart stuff. Dealing with immigrants has put him off them a bit, but once we get him in, I know he will come to understand our growth plans for the population and economy.

One of my people wanted to stand too. This is where my shrewd teamwork and string-pulling came into play. By promising him he can be one of my star candidates next time, I have stopped him splitting the vote. He has even been so helpful as to endorse our new man. That should make it plain where they are both coming from.

The lovely thing is that the opposition are in complete disarray. Instead of teamwork, the idiots are fighting among themselves like ferrets in a sack. The leaker has upset all his fellow lefties with his bad manners. Now they are after payback and are all queueing for his seat. Even the champagne socialist who already has a seat wants the leaker's instead, just to spite him. The opposition vote is going to split several ways, just like it always does, and our new man will easily come through the middle. I love it.

One more on my side will help keep the lefties even further down in their place. Politics is such a satisfying career, when you are as good as I am.

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