Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clamp down time

We have had worrying news. There is allegedly going to be a flood of cheap cocaine in our capital, This is of course absolutely appalling. Cocaine is supposed to be an exclusive pleasure for the elite and we do not want to see every Tom, Dick and Harry indulging. The supply of cut-price drugs is a menace to our social order. It must be firmly dealt with.

Naturally, we shall clamp down with the utmost discretion. The new police chief fully understands how upholding the law must be balanced against protecting people in important and influential positions. I shall pull every string in my hands to ensure that there are no inappropriate investigations. Fortunately, our local press understand that noses are for sniffing with, not poking into affairs that don't concern them. So long as we find a few specimens of the hoi polloi to make examples of, all will be well in the end.


Anonymous said...

you really are naughty. But I like it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting first paragraph.